Sally and Steve, met each other
in a music store, Steve was undercover
He thought he was a famous singer
but Sally wrapped him ‘round her finger
She was so straight and so natural
he thought that he knew her so well
She had the voice to bring his music to sound
though she was so innocent and small and round

You can never bring back the time, bring back the time
When you met the very first time, very first time
That`s the deal since Adam and Eve, Adam and Eve
Paradise is lost for Sally and Steve, Sally and Steve

Steve got two sticks, and they got together
now he was a drummer, but he was still clever
enough to see, that there was something missing
although when he beat her, it felt like kissing
So he sold his soul, to someone at the crossroad
he got cheated, instead of talent he got
a bass drum, two tom-toms, two cymbals, hi-hat
and bad trouble with Sally, he thought she wouldn`t mind that


They travelled a lot, they had their share
of Rock ’n’ Roll life, one night, Steve didn`t care
`bout Sally being, slightly out of tune
he blamed her body, he blamed the room
He tried other drums, sparkling and stunning
Sally was told: it`s just drumming!
Till one day he remembered the voice
that separated him from the other boys


[M & L: Stefan Breuer]

Release: "Supersonic Eskalator" (album)