Small town boy met small town girl
Where small ideas rule the world
A gas station to hang around
To them it was holy ground

He sang this song and the motors were blowing
A manager came and said: I`ve got a show
One week later his name was known
In the Rock`n`Roll world of this peaceful town

Love and glory it`s not a big story
Umbrellas are cheap when the sun`s shining bright
Love and glory life`s never boring
Till the fairground is closed and access is denied

They knew his name in the bakery
Where they wrapped up his bread extra carefully
Each night in the club was a night of the proms
He and his girl felt like the chosen ones

Fancy clothes for both of them,
The manager said: keep smiling, Sam
I don`t care about your hangover
Get in shape or it`s all over


A tv-team came to the small town
To film the show and ev`rything around
He was interviewed and subtitled
Cause he sounded very country-sided

The message was clear: Hollywood was waiting
He and his girl were slightly overrating
Their prospects in life, the taxman said: give me five!
They broke up but weren`t that roaring times

[M & L: Stefan Breuer]

Release: "Supersonic Eskalator" (album)