One day the wind will blow in your face
And things don’t run so fine
Your bank-account is a real disgrace
All you wanna do is whine
When a million sorrows is all you’ve got
And you can’t take another liver shot
Stay cool and let life give you a treat
And when it looks like you’re done
You’ll be still on your feet

Rope-a-dope - it’s give and take
Rope-a-dope - your jaws might ache
Rope-a-dope - another hit on your chest
Rope-a-dope - who laughs last laughs best

It ain’t over till it’s over
No one can keep you from going “rover”
When you’re built to last, you won’t give in so fast
Rope a dope - and have a blast!

Rope-a-dope - the hits might be hard
Rope-a-dope - your reaction is smart
Rope-a-dope - just relax and wait
Rope-a-dope - before you escalate

Once the offender’s puffed and really pumped out
You’ll be in control without any doubt
A wise man will save his energy
Rope a dope - the best strategy!

[Music & Lyrics: S. Breuer]
Release: "Straight Ahead" (album)