Chase Them

Some people walk around in the streets of Germany
Mess up everybody’s mind with their imbecility
With nothing to be proud of but their nationality
And denying needy folks help and hospitality

They call themselves Skinhead, are they too blind to see
That’s a youth culture movement from a foreign country
That has nothing to do with racist ideology?
Better call them “Bonehead” – we all can agree

They run their mouth, but have nothing to say
We got to keep the morosis at bay
They got to go; we don’t want them to stay
We got to chase dem away

We got to chase them
We got to chase them
We have to chase them
Chase these boneheads out of here

You have the old knuckleheads, but now you have also youth
Who love to dress up like a soldier, like an army recruit
Love to march in their gang and make it look like a troop
Greeting each other with a Nazi-salute

They want hatred and anger to become absolute
They would use knives to stab, and use guns to shoot
Let us all get together, come let’s take up pursuit
I know we are strong, let us give them the boot

[Music & Lyrics: R. A. Jung]
Release: "Straight Ahead" (album)