that's a one little important thing
every man should know
even if you can't believe it
it's more than just a show

let me sing this little song
and keep on skankin' all around
and hopefully you don't get me wrong
when i explain to you

the way they dress and move about
fills every rude boy's head
and then the way scream and shout
enough to wake the dead

as soon as there are two of them
they seem to ignore you
they keep on talking, never stop
and you wonder what to do

that's a little important thing
every man should know
and you'll find out very soon
that women think they rule the world

one day you'll meet your special girl
and you find it hard to speak
so make up your mind and go ahead
and she'll give you a treat

earrings, lipsticks and miniskirts
all her little weapons
they try their best to look so good
but you know it's all to please you

you cannot do but love them
no matter what you do
they can brighten up your life
when you're alone and feelin' blue

you know women seem to rule the world
and thats the way it goes
even when they are just little girls
they try to let you down

[M & L: The Busters]

Release: "Couch Potatoes" (album)