Some call it historic ...

In 1987 THE BUSTERS are founded; initially, only to spend an evening filled with ska music.

In 1988 their first album "Ruder than Rude" is released at Weserlabel, Bremen.

In 1989 the band hits the road on its first nation-wide tour supporting BAD MANNERS. In addition, THE BUSTERS headline the 2nd Int. Ska Festival in London. Shortly thereafter, their second album, "Couch Potatoes", and their second tour follow in collaboration with the Godfather of Ska LAUREL AITKEN.

In 1991 THE BUSTERS take on the east coast of the USA in a very successful club tour. Their third album, "Dead or Alive", follows.

In 1992 their first live album, "Cheap Thrills", is released.

In 1993 THE BUSTERS tour the west coast of the US.

In 1994 their most controversial album, "Sexy Money", is released. The tour that follows the release is their most successful.

In 1995 the Montreux Jazz Festival organizes a Ska evening featuring THE BUSTERS as headliners. The sixth album, "Live in Montreux", is released.

In 1996 THE BUSTERS move on to major label Sony. Their first fully professionally produced album ever, "Stompede", is released.

In 1997 THE BUSTERS celebrate their tenth anniversary with "Boost Best", a 'best of' album.

In 1998 "Make a Move" is released on the Dogsteady label. In addition, THE BUSTERS support DIE ÄRZTE on their open-air tour.

In 1999 THE BUSTERS release "Welcome to Busterland", their tenth album.

In 2000 the band present their new frontman Richard "Richie" Tabor.

In 2001 THE BUSTERS release "360°", a smooth album, that is followed by the band's most successful tour ever.

In 2002 THE BUSTERS celebrate their 15th anniversary with a great open-air concert in Wiesloch attended by more than 4,000 people.

In 2003 THE BUSTERS release their third live album ("Live") capturing the highlights of the anniversary in Wiesloch the previous year.

In 2004 THE BUSTERS release their 13th long player, "Revolution Rock" and play some shows in Japan in fall.

In 2005 The Busters found their own label Ska Revolution Records and release their first web single "Radio Smash Hit" along with an accompanying video. Shortly thereafter their new album "Evolution Pop" is available. On top of that Ron Marsman enters the stage as the new frontman to sing side by side with Richie.

2007: the double-album "Double Penetration" is released. Featuring a 13 track CD with fresh The Busters-tracks and a special Unplugged Penetration-DVD with several goodies of the bands history performed in a totally different style and behaviour - a very special happening.

2009: "Waking The Dead" is the title of the new studio-album, showing the band in its new composition after a reshuffle in the beginning of the year. The sax players and founders Fischi and Quitte leave the band as well as singer Richard Tabor. New sax player is now allrounder Mathias Demmer.
Besides that, the band is asked to write a bunch of songs for the cinema movie "Résiste! – Aufstand der Praktikanten" by young german director and THE BUSTERS-fan Jonas Grosch.

2010: the long-awaited Live-DVD "Das Konzert für die Ewigkeit" is recorded in the famous Hamburg club "Fabrik" in May, containing also a documentary film on the band. Moreover, THE BUSTERS wait in the wings to recover their old tradition of touring outside Germany. The band starts with several shows in Switzerland in March and plays in Tabor in the Czech Republic.

2011: The Busters enter virgin soil. In spring the screwball-musical-movie "Die letzte Lge", directed by Jonas Grosch, hit the cinemas. The band contributes a large part to the soundtrack and can also be seen in full cast in the movie itself. In summer another highlight in the band's history happens. The Busters play for the very first time in South America. Their friends of Desorden Pblico invite them to play in Caracas, venezuela where the band skank over 4.000 people at Plaza La Castillana down.

2012: Unbelieveable! THE BUSTERS get 25! Time to celebrate and so the band throws a huge party in the Palatin Convention Center in their hometown Wiesloch with many Ex-Busters and friends like Katharina Wackernagel, Dr. Ring Ding und Götz Widmann. The big XXV-Tour starts in Hannover and bestow hell of a Ska parties upon band and fans as well as special guest appearances by Dr. Ring Ding.

2013: After sharing the stages at the past winter tour Dr. Ring Ding now strengthen the band as a full member under the name Richie Alexander and supports Ron on the vocals. The first shows with both singers will take place on the "4 Fäuste für ein Summertime-tour".

So, we hope to show up soon in your country to skank your ass and give love with our powerful concerts and beautiful music.

Stay rude!